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Anti-corruption and the Rule of Law


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Ad Hoc Committee on Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ad Hoc Committee on Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law ("Committee") of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association ("IPBA") is to lead the IPBA in studying the legal aspects of measures to deter corruption in the Asia Pacific region, in promoting ethical business practices, and in understanding and promoting the rule of law in the Asia Pacific region. Within that overall mission, the Committee intends to lead and assist the IPBA and its members in the following specific activities, among others:

  1. Learning about past and current national and international efforts to deter corruption, including, in particular, international anti-corruption conventions, inter-government and non-governmental organizations dedicated to deterring corruption, anti-bribery legislation, anti-money laundering legislation, conflicts of interest legislation, and whistleblowing legislation;
  2. Organizing continuing legal education seminars and similar programs for IPBA members and others at which such subjects are addressed;
  3. Identifying opportunities for Committee members to write articles for publication, speak at continuing legal education seminars and elsewhere, and otherwise participate in professional analysis and discussion of such subjects;
  4. Participating institutionally with other organizations that engage in the activities described in paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 above; and
  5. Understanding the rule of law and, where appropriate, promoting the rule of law, and assisting IPBA members in doing the same.