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Introducing the College of Law/IPBA Master of Laws (Applied Law) in ASEAN+6 Legal Practice

The Master of Laws (Applied Law) in ASEAN+6 Legal Practice is designed to meet the needs of legal professionals engaged in cross-border practice between the 10-nation ASEAN group and the six nations that comprise the ASEAN+6 regional Free Trade Area (ASEAN, plus Australia-New Zealand, China, India, Japan and Korea), which is coming together in the new Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

This ASEAN+6 LLM is a brand new offering within The College of Law’s suite of Master of Laws (Applied Law) programmes. It has been designed to equip lawyers with the practical knowledge and skills they will need to conduct successful cross-border practice in the ASEAN region and to take their career to the next level.

The programme has been developed by The College of Law in collaboration with the Inter-Pacific Bar Association.  

Subjects include: Commercial Law Practice, Mergers and Acquisition Practice, Banking and Finance Practice, Intellectual Property Practice, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Practice, and Capital Markets Practice.

We offer four intakes per year: February, May, August, and November.

To find out more about this unique LLM, please visit: ASEAN+6 APPLIED LAW LLM

The College also offers LLMs in Australian Legal Practice, Common Law Practice (New Zealand), and Malaysian Legal Practice.


About The College of Law

The College of Law is a school of professional practice for lawyers. The College has been educating lawyers for over 40 years in Australia and New Zealand and is now offering its programmes in Asia. We are the largest provider of practice-focused postgraduate legal education and one of the most trusted names in legal training in Australasia. Our mission is to enhance the careers of legal professionals through the delivery of innovative, real-world legal education and training for practising lawyers.

The College is accredited by Australia’s Tertiary Education Quality Standards Authority (TEQSA) as a Higher Education Provider and is able to self-accredit Master of Laws programmes, similar to a university. However we are very much an institution of the legal profession rather than academia - we work from the profession, for the profession. The College of Law’s focus is more practical rather than academic, and caters for all stages of career development, from pre-admission practical legal training to advanced specialist practice.

As an organisation aligned with the legal profession, we know what you need as a practising legal professional to take your career to the next stage.