Membership Committee

The IPBA Membership Committee is committed to supporting all IPBA members, as well as welcoming new members from any jurisdiction around the world.

Contact the Committee leaders below with any inquiries regarding membership.


Sebastian Kühl

Huth Dietrich Hahn
Huth Dietrich Hahn
Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany


Angela Lin

Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law
8F, No.555, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei 11072
Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan


Membership Benefits

What is the IPBA?

The Inter-Pacific Bar Association ("IPBA") is an international association of business and commercial lawyers who live in, or otherwise have a strong interest in, the Asia-Pacific region. It was established in April 1991 at an inaugural conference held in Tokyo attended by more than 500 lawyers from the Asia-Pacific region.

Why You Should Join the IPBA

1. Asia - the Economic Growth Engine of the World

Asia is the fastest-growing region in the world, covering 30% of the world's land mass, yet with 60% of the world's population. If you want to expand your legal business, you need to be engaged with people throughout Asia.

2. IPBA - the Pre-Eminent Bar Association in the Asia-Pacific

The IPBA has close to 1500 members in nearly 70 jurisdictions worldwide and a track record of over 30 years of successful annual conferences around the world. With 24 specialist committees, one sub-committee, and one ad-hoc committee from which to choose, the IPBA has representatives in the entire spectrum of business and commercial legal work. We are a close-knit organization so you will always be able to make new friends, whether in the same area of law across the world or from your own neighborhood across different practice areas.

3. The Annual Conference and Member Get-Togethers

Taking place in a different city every year, the highlight of the IPBA calendar is undoubtedly the Annual General Meeting and Conference. With 600 to 1000 delegates, the conferences are small enough so that everyone can enjoy the events and sessions without feeling like just part of a crowd.

In addition to the Annual Conference, the IPBA holds regional events on an annual basis, such as the IPBA Arbitration Day and the IPBA East Asia Forum as well as one-off events on trending topics of commercial law.

4. Conference and Seminar Savings for IPBA Members

As part of a well-respected organization, IPBA members are frequently offered generous discounts at events organized by other associations and entities throughout the Asia-Pacific. You can be assured that events carrying the IPBA name have the same high quality as IPBA events. Check out calendar of events for more information.

5. Make Yourself Known Through Our Membership Directory, the IPBA Journal, and Speaking Opportunities

As a member, you will also appear in the IPBA online Membership Directory, an important reference source for potential referrals among IPBA members (and now also potential referrals through APEC, as noted below). Also as a member, you are eligible to be considered as a speaker at the Annual Conference and locally organized IPBA events, and may submit substantive papers that will be considered for publication in the IPBA Journal, our professional publication issued quarterly.

6. Corporate Counsel Participation

Recognizing the importance of the role of corporate counsel in Asia-Pacific legal affairs, the IPBA has taken steps to further welcome the participation of in-house corporate counsel as members, speakers, and conference participants. In light of company budgetary constraints, the IPBA has reduced both membership fees and the Annual Meeting and Conference registration fees for corporate counsel, to make it easier to participate in IPBA activities.

7. IPBA and APEC Cooperation

In 2010, the IPBA and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation ("APEC") forum concluded a memorandum to bring both organizations closer together to help promote trade and cross-border investment in the Asia-Pacific. The first act in this new are of cooperation is for the IPBA members' directory to be made available to all APEC officials as well as private parties who are interested in finding legal resources within the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the first joint session between APEC and the IPBA was held at the 2011 Kyoto/Osaka Annual Conference, and at every conference since then.

How to Join the IPBA

You can sign up for IPBA membership or renew your IPBA membership online! Use the online registration form on this web site, or e-mail the IPBA Secretariat at

Contact the IPBA Secretariat if you have any questions regarding membership!

Individual Member

Please contact the IPBA Secretariat if you'd like to join the IPBA:

We are working on changes to our membership registration system, so it might take us a little time to react to your registration. Thank you for your patience!

Contact the IPBA Secretariat if you have any questions.

Membership in the Association is open to all qualified lawyers who are in good standing and who live in, or who are interested in, the Asia-Pacific region.

Standard Membership


Three-Year Term Membership


Corporate Counsel


Young Lawyers
(35 years old and under during
entire membership year)


Membership dues cover the period of one year starting from January 1 and ending on December 31. Those who join the Association on or before August 31 will be registered as a member for the current year. Those who join the Association on or after September 1 will be registered as a member for the rest of the current year and for the following year.

Selection of membership category is up to each individual, but birthdate is required to register for the Young Lawyer category. If the membership category is not specified in the registration form, standard annual dues will be charged.

The Corporate Counsel membership category with reduced membership dues was established in 2010. This category is for in-house counsel who are employed by a company that is not a law firm. This category does not include those involved in academics, judges, or those employed by a law firm.

There will be no refund of dues for cancellation of all membership categories during the effective term, nor will other persons be allowed to take over the membership for the remaining period.

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Corporate Associate

Corporate Associate Membership is open to corporations that are not in the legal profession.

A Corporate Associate may designate one employee ("Associate Member"), who may take part in any Annual Conference, committee or other programmes with the same rights and privileges as a Member, except that the Associate Member has no voting rights at Annual or Special Meetings, and may not assume the position of Council Member or Chairperson of a Committee. Corporate Associate members and the representative are listed in the membership directory.

A Corporate Associate may have any number of its employees attend any activities of the Association at the member rates.

Annual Dues for Corporate Associates   US$620.00

Contact the IPBA Secretariat if you would like to know more about this membership category, or would like to apply.

Membership Dues Payment

The IPBA Secretariat is now accepting membership dues payments for 2024!

If you'd like to pay your dues to keep up your membership, log in to the MY IPBA section and choose the Membership Renewal link.

Not sure if your membership dues are paid up? Check your member profile by logging in to the MY IPBA section. You can find the date of expiration under your photo.

Contact the IPBA Secretariat if you have any questions about your membership.