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Jurisdictions and Regions

The IPBA accepts members from any country in the world.

We realize that as international lawyers, you may live in one country but are licensed there and/or in other jurisdictions. We consider the country in which you live to be your "country", and the country or countries in which you are licensed to be your "jurisdiction(s)".

Any jurisdiction with 25 or more members is eligible to elect a leader known as a Jurisdictional Council Member (JCM), who is in charge of membership issues for that jurisdiction. Currently, the following jurisdictions have a JCM:

Australia       CanadaChinaFrance
GermanyHong KongIndiaIndonesia
JapanKoreaMalaysiaNew Zealand
PakistanThe PhilippinesSingaporeSwitzerland
TaiwanThailandUnited KingdomUnited States


An At-Large Council Member is elected either to support the JCM, or to support IPBA members in a jurisdiction or region without a leader. The following jurisdictions or regions have an At-Large Council Member:

China               EuropeIndia
Latin AmericaOsakaUSA

In addition, Regional Coordinators are recommended for appointment by the IPBA President to support and promote membership in a larger geographical area. The following regions have Regional Coordinators:

Australasia & Southwestern Pacific IslandsHawaii & Northern Pacific IslandsMiddle East


Contact the local or regional representative if you have any questions about IPBA members, or want to get involved in IPBA activities in that area!