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IPBA Annual Conferences and Mid-Year Council Meetings

The IPBA holds and Annual Meeting and Conference each spring, and a Mid-Year Council Meeting with Regional Conference each fall.

The four-day Annual Conference culminates in the IPBA Annual General Meeting. The Mid-Year Council Meeting includes three days of meetings of the IPBA Council, and a one-day Regional Conference which is open to the public.

YearAnnual Meeting VenueMid-Year Venue
2019 Singapore TBD
2018           Manila TBD
2017 Auckland London
2016 Kuala Lumpur Brussels
2015 Hong Kong Dubai
2014 Vancouver São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro
2013 Seoul Zurich
2012 New Delhi Auckland
2011 Kyoto Hanoi
2010 Singapore Stuttgart
2009 Manila Hong Kong
2008 Los Angeles Hanoi (telephone conference)
2007 Beijing Kuala Lumpur
2006 Sydney London
2005 Bali Colombo
2004 Seoul Santiago
2003 New Delhi Kyoto
2002 Hong Kong Paris
2001 Tokyo Phuket
2000 Vancouver Bali
1999 Bangkok Hawaii
1998 Auckland Singapore
1997 Kuala Lumpur New Delhi
1996 Manila Seoul
1995 San Francisco Jakarta
1994 Singapore Bangkok
1993 Taipei Kuala Lumpur
1992 Sydney Manila
1991 Tokyo Bangkok