Aviation and Aerospace

The Aviation Law Committee is now the Aviation and Aerospace Committee! This name change reflects the changing nature of the industry to cover a wider scope outside of the atmosphere immediately above the earth.


Aviation Law Committee

The outgoing Director General of IATA, Giovani Bisignani, and the Aviation Law Committee strongly believe that Asia-Pacific is the future of aviation. Asia understands that it is a big player. New airports are being built, airlines are expanding, air services are being liberalised and manufacturers are increasingly relying on plants in Asia to build and service hulls, equipment and parts. Meanwhile, the development of aviation in Europe and the US is stagnant.

The Aviation Law Committee is concerned with almost every aspect of law concerning the aerospace and aviation industries (e.g. airlines, airports, service providers, manufacturers and suppliers, regulators, lessor, insurers and other entities) globally including:


  • International, regional (EU, ASEAN etc) and domestic air law and regulations
  • Licensing of operations, crew, engineers, air routes and navigation
  • Competition law and antitrust
  • Health and safety regimes
  • Unlawful interference, criminal liability, terrorism, war and political risks
  • Major aircraft accidents, passenger, cargo and third party liability, forum shopping
  • Disability discrimination
  • Data Privacy
  • Logistics and infrastructure including e-freight
  • Product liability
  • Holiday travel law
  • Aviation and product liability insurance
  • Aircraft financing and leasing and other commercial transactions
  • Recognition and enforcement of rights for financiers and other parties: arrests and sales, rights in bankruptcies, repairers liens
  • Environmental law: noise, emissions trading schemes, biological and chemical hazards, end of life cycle for aircraft


The Aviation Law Committee provides an opportunity not only to contribute to the development of aviation law but also to make useful contacts with aviation attorneys (in private practice and in-house) from all over the world. This is particularly important in an international industry such as aviation, where attorneys are required to deal with aviation attorneys in other countries on a regular basis.

Our committee membership is drawn broadly from members from all round the globe including Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, South Korea and the United States.



Fernando Hurtado de Mendoza

Av Rivera Navarrete 495 Piso 13
San Isidro Lima 27
Lima, Lima, Peru




Jean-Claude Beaujour

Smith D'Oria
15, rue du Temple
Paris, France

 33-1-58 80 80 00

Robert Wai Quon

Dentons Canada LLP
20th floor, 250 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC, British Columbia, Canada


Gabriel Ricardo Kuznietz

Demarest Advogados
Av. Pedroso de Moraes, 1201 Centro Cultural Ohtake
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

 55 11 3356 1547
 55 11 3356 1700