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It is a cliché that maritime shipping is the backbone of world trade . But behind that backbone it is maritime law and practice that provides the sturdy supporting framework for the efficient and timely distribution of goods and materials across the globe. As such, all of us are regular beneficiaries of maritime law, when shopping for goods or making a purchase online. And of course in addition to consumer demands, the needs of businesses and Governments for materials to drive growth and infrastructure projects are also served by maritime shipping and its related services.  The mission of our Committee is to explore interesting legal and practical issues of maritime law and practice, historical and current, and to present them to the IPBA community in order to foster a better understanding of the fascinating nuances of this area of law that touches our lives daily 

Our Committee

Our session at the Annual Meeting and Conference in Manila in 2018 included the following presentation:

Abandoned Ship! Iron Monster Left in Port
A lively panel discussion addressing a dramatic piracy incident at sea leading to a cargo vessel subsequently limping into port in damaged condition. The vessel is then arrested by cargo interests. In addition, the crew are having difficulty communicating with the ship’s owners and are threatening to leave the arrested ship. There are substantial claims, and potential claims, from various parties – including cargo interests and the crew. Further, the solvency of the owners of the ship is in doubt.


• Damien Laracy


• R Govintharasah (Singapore)
• Oon Thian Seng (Singapore and Kuala Lumpur)
• Val del Rosario (Philippines)
• Yosuke Tanaka (Japan)


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Damien Laracy Yosuke Tanaka



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