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Issue #1,  June 2014

Featured Topics: Vancouver Conference • New IPBA Leadership • IPBA Scholarship Program 2015 • IPBA Journal June Issue • Two Ad Hoc Committees to Join

Issue #2, July 2014

Featured Topics: Hong Kong 2015 Annual Conference • Regional Conferences in Brazil • IPBA Printed Membership Directory • Anywhere Pad App FREE Trial

Issue #3, August 2014

Featured Topics: Regional Conferences in Brazil • Special Workshop in Amsterdam • Hong Kong 2015 Promotional Tour • From the Publications Committee

Issue #4, September 2014

Featured Topics: Mid-Year Council Meeting and Regional Seminars in Brazil • IPBA Workshop in Amsterdam • "Member Gets a Member" Campaign • Welcome New Members • IPBA Scholarship Program

Issue #5, October 2014

Featured Topics: Mid-Year Council Meeting in Brazil • Technology and Communications Committee Name Change • IPBA Scholarship Program 2015 Application Deadline Extension •
IPBA/KBA Memorandum of Understanding

Issue #6, November 2014

Featured Topics: Membership Dues Payment 2015 • IPBA Welcomes New Members • IPBA Web Site Renewal • IPBA Scholarship Program 2015 • Outstanding IPBA Women Members • IPBA Local and Regional Events

Issue #7, December 2014



Featured Topics: Membership Dues Payment 2015 • New IPBA Web Site • IFLR/IPBA Capital Markets Forum • IPBA Workshop in Amsterdam • Season's Greetings