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Given the fact that IPBA members hail from over 60 jurisdictions throughout the world, the IPBA Journal is an important source of information to allow members to gain a common understanding of the issues confronting the practice of law in the Asia-Pacific region. The Publications Committee manages the quarterly publication of the IPBA Journal, the official journal of the IPBA, together with Ninehills Media.

The IPBA Journal

Members of the Publications Committee frequently discuss and decide upon the specific issues confronting practicing attorneys in the Asia-Pacific region that should be covered by the IPBA Journal. Additionally, the Committee actively encourages IPBA members to submit articles for publication. Please refer to the following schedule for submission deadlines for articles to be considered for publication in the IPBA Journal:
June 2019
Topic Singapore Annual Conference Overview
  (Submissions were provided from the committee chairs, moderators, and speakers.)
In addition to the IPBA Journal, the Publications Committee occasionally manages the publication of articles/papers on topics of current interest to attorneys practicing in the Asia-Pacific region.
Please feel free to contact either Mr. John Wilson or Ms. Priti Suri if you are interested in submitting an article for publication by the IPBA or if you have any questions, comments or ideas with regard to the IPBA’s publications.

Guidelines for Article Submissions

  1. The article must not have been previously published in any journal or publication.
  2. The article must be of good quality both in terms of technical input and topical interest for IPBA members.
  3. The article must not be written to publicize the expertise, specialization, or network offices of the writer or the firm at which the writer is based.
  4. The article must be concise (2,500 to 3,000 words) and, in any event, not exceed 3,000 words. 
  5. The article must be written in English, and the author must ensure that it meets international business standards.
  6. The article must be written by an IPBA member.
    (Co-authors must also be members of IPBA.)

Guidelines for Members' Notes Submissions

The requirements for publication of a short write-up in the "Members' Notes" section in the IPBA Journal are as follows.

  1. The note should be concise (50-100 words) and, in any event, should not exceed 100 words.
  2. You may share about your latest deals, award winnings, etc. as an individual.
  3. Submissions must be related to your professional and/or non-professional life as an individual, but not to advertise your law firm.
Articles and Members' Notes will be published at the discretion of the Publications Committee. The Publications Committee has the right to edit all submissions to maintain consistent writing standards throughout the Journal.

Publications Committee


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