Mid-Year Council Meetings

Zurich 2013

The Mid-Year Council Meeting and Regional Conference 2013 was held in Zurich, Switzerland, October 28th through 31st.

The Host Committee was chaired by the JCM for Switzerland, Bernhard Meyer (MME Partners), and included Martina Altenpohl (Ruoss Vögele Partners), Michael Cartier (Walder Wyss Ltd.), Felix Dasser (Homburger), Catrina Luchsinger Gähwiler (Froriep Renggli), Urs Lustenberger (Lustenberger Attorneys at Law), and Peter J. Merz (Froreip Renggli).

The Council Meetings and social events were hosted by local law firms MME Partners, Homburger, Froriep Renggli.

Catrina Luchsinger Gähwiler and Peter Merz arranged for law firm Froriep Renggli to host the Nominating Committee Meeting as well as a welcome reception for all Council members. The IPBA Nominating Committee is responsible for choosing future IPBA Council members who begin their terms at the conclusion of the following Annual General Meeting. All IPBA members can make recommendations for nominations to the Nominating Committee, which consists of the current President, Secretary-General, Immediate Past President, and Past President of two years prior. Recommendations for Committee Leadership can be addressed to the Committee Coordinator. Check the Leadership pages of this web site for the current IPBA leadership.

Foreip Renggli is located on the shores of Lake Zurich. The spectacular evening views, including the craggy outline of the Alps, were enjoyed by all.

Council Meetings were hosted by Felix Dasser and his colleages at local law firm Homburger, in the tallest office building in Zurich. The business of the IPBA is discussed at the Council Meeting, while appropriate matters are discussed at the Membership Meeting (with Jurisdictional Council Members, At-Large Council Members, and Regional Coordinators, led by the Membership Committee Chair); and at the Committee Chairs and Programs Meeting (led by the Committee Coordinator and Programs Coordinator).

There is more to Swiss food than chocolate and cheese fondue!

Social events included a dinner for Council members at Zunfthaus zur Meisen, the guild hall of wine merchants, saddle makers, and painters, and a cheese fondue party with live entertainment on the shores of Lake Zurich.

During the Swiss Evening on Lake Zurich, IPBA Council Members, Host Committee members, and speakers at the next day's Regional Conference enjoyed traditional music and cheese fondue.

The Regional Conference held on Monday, October 31st, was a resounding success with over 120 delegates.