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Opening of the Legal Year Paris 2017

 Opening Ceremony of the Paris Bar on December 1, 2017

On behalf of President Denis McNamara, Anne Durez, Chair of the IPBA Membership Committee, attended the event which is considered as a major one for the Paris Bar and an opportunity to address crucial issues regarding the future of the legal profession. The ceremony was chaired by Frédéric SICARD, chair of the Paris Bar, in the presence of many international business legal organizations. Anne HIDALGO, mayor of Paris and Pierre MOSCOVICI, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs both acknowledged that lawyers are major actors in the society because they bring an important contribution to the shaping of the law. The chief of the Paris Bar also insisted on the necessity for citizens and companies to benefit from a legal certainty in spite of these moving times.

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Dinner at the Paris Bar in the presence of international business legal organizations

Frédéric Sicard, President of the Paris Bar and Anne Durez

Dominique Attias, Vice-president of the Paris Bar and Anne Durez

Marie-Aimé Peyron, President elect of the Paris Bar (second on the left)

Pierre Moscovici, European Commisioner for France

Frédéric Sicard, President of Paris Bar