IPBA Events

Hawaii, 2015

On Friday, the 28th of August, the IPBA members in Hawaii have gathered together at the IPBA Pau Hana Party.

In what was another quintessential IPBA event, the cocktail party provided a friendly environment for international lawyers in Hawaii to meet and develop personal and professional relationships.

In short, we all had plenty to eat and drink and had a really good time together!

Vietnam Program

As well as getting together and enjoying the festivities, Mark T. Shklov, the key speaker of the event, raised the exciting possibility of developing a Vietnam Program under the auspices of the HSBA and—you guessed it, the IPBA!:

"There are 23 IPBA lawyers in Vietnam which provides an opportunity to network with friendly professional colleagues in a developing country and economy... [and] [t]here are many other opportunities to participate in the IPBA as it moves forward. Alan Fujimoto (former IPBA Secretary General) and Charlie Booth mentioned several programs in various stages of development.  This process is ongoing and your participation is always welcome."

Photos couretsy of Alan Fujimoto and Mark T. Shklov.