IPBA Events

Corporate Social Responsibility and Fair Competition

On January 25-26, 2013, IPBA members in France hosted an event: "Corporate Social Responsibility and Fair Competition: a Comparative Approach Europe/Asia".

Jean-Claude Beaujour, IPBA Regional Coordinator for Europe, and Anne Durez, Chair of the IPBA Corporate Counsel Committee put in many hours to organize the panel of speakers from Europe and Asia. A dinner at the Paris Senate followed the conference, and a breakfast meeting with the Korean Ambassador to France welcomed invited guests.

Panelists L to R: Anne Durez, Ravi Nath, Yvon Martin, Lalit Bhasin, and Jean-Claude Beaujour.

 Panelists L to R: Ravi Nath, Iohann Le Frapper, Linna Li.

Past IPBA President Ravi Nath presenting a gift to speaker, while IPBA President Lalit Bhasin looks on.

Anne Durez presenting a gift to IPBA President Lalit Bhasin, while past IPBA President Ravi Nath looks on.

Lalit Bhasin;  the Korean Ambassador to France, Mr. Park Heung-shin; and Jean-Claude Beaujour.

Leaders of the Paris Bar joined the breakfast.