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AIAC Diversity in Arbitration Week

Date: July 14-17 2020

Venue: Online

We are proud to support the Asian International Arbitration Centre’s (AIAC) special edition of its ADR Online: An AIAC Webinar Series titled Diversity in Arbitration Week from 14th – 17th July 2020 in recognition of the importance of promoting diversity within the arbitration community. During this week, their webinar series will be dedicated to discussing key issues such as gender, age, professional, racial, and ethnic diversity in addition to the proper etiquette to cultivate for all stakeholders in the industry.

As a relatively close-knit community, the duty to promote diversity and inclusivity lies within every single one of us. Each session has prominent speakers from around the globe who will share their views on various topics under the umbrella of diversity.

The first session, titled Remotely Personal, will explore the progress of gender diversity in arbitral appointments and where we are headed next. The second session, titled Roundtable on Age Diversity in International Arbitration: an Imagined or Real Problem?, will consider the issue of the possible biases and challenges faced by younger arbitration practitioners when compared to their more seasoned counterparts.

The third session, titled Professional Diversity in Arbitration – Inevitable or Idealistic?, will shed light on available career opportunities for non-legal practitioners in arbitration.

The Diversity in Arbitration Week will then conclude with a discussion on manifesting the globality of arbitration as it is meant in every sense of the word in a session titled Globalising Arbitration – Enhancing Racial and Ethnic Diversity.

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