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IPBA LATAM Regional Event

Date: Nov 30 - Dec 2 2023

Venue: Lima, Peru

Join us in Lima, Peru!

Thursday, November 30th

  • Welcome Cocktails

Friday, December 1st:

Regional Conference: “Influence of international business and litigation standards in Latin America”

Latin America is a significant regional economic bloc with abundant businesses opportunities due to the wealth of its natural resources, educated population and deep legal traditions. Legal and business frameworks have adopted local approaches, though are also highly influenced by international standards and tendencies. Approaches in M&A and investment projects (particularly ESG), arbitration disputes, data protection and cybersecurity are not an exception. This Conference will discuss resulting legal practices in Latin America to assist counsels interacting with the Region and to assess legal opportunities.

First Panel: “ESG landing in Latam: effects, costs and opportunities”

International business standards (IFRS, ESG, GRI, SDG, etc.) and practices cover a wide range of areas, including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and operations management. Latin American companies can benefit from implementing these standards and practices, which can help improve their operations, increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve their reputation with customers and investors.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards have also become increasingly important for companies around the world, as investors and customers are placing greater emphasis on sustainable practices and social responsibility. The application of ESG standards is a big opportunity and challenge for the legal community to include these concepts in contracts and codes of good practice, which cannot be delayed.


  • José Francisco Mafla - Brigard Urrutia (Bogota)
  • Arturo Brandt - Grupo Vial Abogados  (Santiago de Chile)
  • Thomas Zwissler - Zirngibl (Munich)
  • Aimee Prieto - Prieto Cabrera (Dominican Republic)

Moderator:  Alberto Cardemil - Carey (Santiago de Chile)

Second Panel: “ESG dispute resolution in international arbitration”

As the prominence of ESG in corporate and business practices and investment decisions increases, the number of disputes arising from ESG-related issues will also increase. Recent experience indicates that these topics are quite broad, with a great variety of ESG-related claims already being filed in judicial and extra-judicial forums. However, there are two types of claims that are especially suitable for settlement by arbitration: (i) commercial contract claims; and (ii) treaty-based claims. In this session, the experts will discuss the latest ESG developments and how they are likely to have impact on international arbitration in the near future.


  • Nahila Cortes – Baker Hostetler (Washington DC)
  • Santiago Gatica – Freshfields (New York)
  • Alejandra Barros Noriega – Jus Mundi (Montreal)
  • Adriana Uson – Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) (Singapore)

Moderator:   Teck Wee - WongPartnership (Singapore)

Third Panel: “Cyber-security in Latin America: the dos, the don’ts and the legal issues you need to understand”

Cyber security and data protection are buzzwords at the moment and for good reason. Financial institutions and multinacional companies face constantly evolving cyber threats. The nature of the threat and the means by which cyber attacks are perpetrated are growing ever more sophisticated and the potential fallout from a major cyber security breach can be huge.  When considering cyber security priorities, it is important for organisations to understand their legal obligations. But it is equally important to ensure that the means of complying with legal obligations align with business objectives and areas of real risk.  Cyber security management should not be a box-ticking compliance exercise.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection legislation may vary by country, but can still be influenced by the various regulations and frameworks circulating in Europe and the U.S. This panel aims to present the main international standards and their adaptation in the regulation and business practice in Latin America.


  • Lorena Sarmiento - Banco de Crédito del Perú - (Lima)
  • Constanza Pasarin - A&Z Abogados (Santiago de Chile)
  • Alexandra Orbezo - Rebaza-Alcázar & De Las Casas (Lima)
  • Yuhong Wu, Deheng Law Offices  (Beijing)

Moderator:  Carlos Vasconsellos – Ferrere (Asunción)


Saturday, December 2nd

  • Social Event and Farewell Lunch

Host Committee Members

  • Fernando Hurtado de Mendoza (Kennedys)
  • Claudia Martinez Zuñiga (Rodrigo Elías & Medrano)

To register, contact Mrs. Lucero Diaz (Lucero.Diaz@kennedyslaw.com)

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Casa Andina Premium San Isidro

Holiday Inn Express San Isidro

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