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CEAC and CELA Present: China's Belt and Road Initiative

Date: Sept 13-14, 2018 Hamburg

Venue: Hamburg, Germany

International Arbitration Conference

China's Belt and Road Initiative is bound to have a major economic impact. The conference will analyse to what extent it relates to different common and civil law legal orders and how to build bridges to overcome the diversity of the legal systems, both from a contractual (substantive) perspective with the help of the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts and the CISG and from an arbitration law perspective.

The conference takes place in the year of the dog - a sign for loyalty and mutual trust. It is a good year to celebrate 10 years since CEAC‘s opening and the founding of CELA.

Who should attend?

Lawyers with an interest in China, arbitration practitioners, international lawyers, business community in cross-border business.

Registration is available on the website of CEAC:

Early Bird registration is now available until May 18 2018

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