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Duxes: 4th Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2016

Date: December 6-9

Venue: New World Millenium Hong Kong Hotel, Hong Kong

Improving your anti-corruption compliance strategy by studying diversified cases

The Asia Pacific region has seen an increase in anti-corruption enforcement action in recent years, with APAC countries have passed new anti-corruption legislation or taken steps to strengthen their existing anti-corruption framework. It’s not only the US FCPA but also local anti-corruption rules that impose the requirements and enforcement risk for organizations and corporations.

Therefore, Duxes’ 4th Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2016 will take place on 6th -9th December 2016 in Hong Kong. The Summit will gather government officials and various industry leaders to discuss the latest Anti-Corruption enforcement environment, challenges in the Asia Pacific region, compliance experience in business operations, crisis management, third party risk assessment, compliance programs/ training and due diligence, etc. Moreover, based on the demands of enterprises, the summit was especially arranged the “Stress Management Course” on the first day. The invited Regional Authorities will present the latest situation of Asia Pacific Anti-Corruption Enforcement in details.

There is no doubt that the summit will be an excellent opportunity to study and understand anti-corruption practices and challenges in Asia Pacific. Under the background of previous sixteen successful anti-corruption summits with over 1000 total participants in attendance, Duxes’ has been done with extensive support from the Asia Pacific governments, like China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Singapore, philippines, etc., and world leading associations, including SAIC OECD, Transparency International, ICA, CSR International, CSR Asia, Business Roundtable, Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association (HKCCA), IPBA, and many others. The 4th Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2016 was recognized as another important extension of Duxes Anti-Corruption Series by lots of return customers.

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