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Duxes: American Anti-Corruption Compliance Summit 2016

Date: October 24-25

Venue: DoublTree Suites by Hilton, Times Square, New York, USA

Empower Compliance Officers and Work Effectively with Foreign HQ

Transparency in governments and business becomes more and more important and it’s key to grow a stable economy. Without the transparency, corruption has the opportunity to distort markets, undermine development and make business unsustainable. In recent years, the United Nations and other international organizations have redoubled their efforts to combat international commercial corruption. According to the information issued by the relevant institutions, the US has dealt with 74 companies in recent years.

As economic globalization continues to spread at unprecedented rates, the international business environment has become more competitive than ever. Therefore, Duxes’ American Anti-Corruption Compliance Summit 2016 is due to be held from October 24 - 25, 2016 in New York.

This summit will gather different industry functional leaders to discuss anti-corruption landscape and challenges including recent actions and investigations, compliance developments and crisis management in auto industry, risks management on marketing activities and sponsorships, different compliance role and culture, best practices sharing on compliance including how to work effectively with foreign HQ, how to keep a functional relationship between compliance and business team, third party assessment, investigation and internal audit.

There is no doubt that this summit will provide an invaluable opportunity for improving you understanding of global anticorruption compliance situations and developments in 2016. For those who are contemplating setting up operations in the world, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking, bringing together hitherto unrelated parties in a field that is dependent on innovative partnerships to take the next step in development.

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