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Duxes Anti-corruption Compliance EMEA Summit 2015

Date: Nov 11-12, 2015

Venue: Dubai, UAE

The global anti-corruption enforcement environment is changing rapidly. For the first time, non-US anti-corruption enforcement actions concerning the bribery of foreign officials surpassed those of the US Department of Justice (DOJ). APEC established the Network of Anti-Corruption Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies (ACT-NET), which China, supported by the US, is leading. And countries across the globe have continued to introduce new (or edit current) legislation that addresses corruption. These changes are just a few being mentioned . . . and with more to come, it’s essential that you inform yourself with what’s going on.

To help businesses like yours learn about the most recent Anti-Corruption trends, Duxes will be hosting three separate summits: the Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Summit 2015 in New York, the Anti-Corruption Compliance EMEA Summit 2015 in Dubai, and the 3rd Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia-Pacific Summit 2015 in Hong Kong.

These summits provide ideal platforms for high-profile speakers to share their knowledge about the rapidly evolving anti-corruption compliance measures. Attendees and speakers will talk about the field’s latest case studies, and exchange ideas through regular Q&A sessions that enhance the dialogue with wider ranges of relevant opinions and concerns.

Anti-Corruption enforcement and legislation are stricter and more complex than ever. But Duxes summits can help you stay informed and get ahead.

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