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Doing Business with Asia: Developments in Trade, IP, Investment and Dispute Settlement

Date: Sept 20, 2018 LA

Venue: Los Angeles, California

The first event to be held in Los Angeles since our Annual Meeting and Conference in 2008!

Venue: The offices of Crowell & Moring, LLP
Los Angeles, California
Contacts: Jeffrey Snyder:
Corey Norton:


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IPBA North American Regional Conference
Doing Business with Asia: Developments in Trade, IP, Investment and Dispute Settlement

Language: English
The topic of the conference will showcase the IPBA to lawyers in the US, with a focus on the hot issues for 2018, including international trade under the “new rules” of the Trump Administration.

The sessions are designed to address the important issues facing international business in Asia, with speakers from various IPBA jurisdictions, led by IPBA Committee members, including the Corporate Counsel Committee.

TBD - There will be as well a presentation to be made by the Chairman of the Host Committee for the 2019 IPBA Annual Conference to be held in Singapore.

Tentative Working Agenda – Subject to Revision

Welcome & introduction to the IPBA
 1:15-2:00 Trading under Trump – Is it all about new restrictions and lost opportunities? (Panelists will canvass the use of measures (232, remedies), trade policies and negotiations, and non-tariff measures (e.g. CSR, labor standards, anti-slavery, currency manipulation)
 2:00-2:45 New concerns in IP – Protecting yourself in China and other key markets
 2:45- 3:00 Break
 3:00- 3:45 Identifying and fighting corruption – Experiences from local and regional counsel; Panelists will use case studies and discuss the web of interrelated statutes in the US and elsewhere that extend the reach of anti-corruption legislation into Asia and elsewhere
 3:45-4:30 Foreign investments – Localized pitfalls and strategies and regulatory approaches and thresholds for foreign investment review, regulation, approval. This will be bifurcated between China and elsewhere in Asia
 4:30-5:15 Disputes!  Recent considerations in navigating arbitration. Panelists will discuss recent bilateral investment treaty decisions of interest, jurisdictional issues, and trends is dispute resolution as they impact doing business in Asia. Query whether we add anything China specific here, e.g. NME
 5:15-6:00 Open questions for the speakers
 6:00- Reception