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The Evolution of Protectionism: Circulation of Investment, Goods and Services, People and Judgments

Date: Oct 14, 2019 Milan

Venue: Milan

This event is part of Mid-Year Council Meeting and Regional Conference 2019 in Milan.

Brexit, the Chinese spree of acquisitions in the world and the US ‘review’ of its position in several international treaties and trade policies – are issues that are hotly discussed in Europe.  This European regional legal forum will be held in a grand auditorium in Milan and in it we will hear an exchange of views on these issues from the voices of lawyers practicing in different areas: not only M&A, but also immigration law, trade laws, and finance.

NEW Venue:

Salone Valente presso Fondazione Forense - Palazzina ANMIG
Via Feguglia, 14-20122 Milan


Special thanks go to the Milan Bar Association for their support of this event.



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