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International Commercial Courts in Various European Jurisdictions & in Singapore

Date: Nov 22, 2018 Brussels

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

This IPBA European Regional Conference brings you perspectives from several jurisdictions.

Venue: The offices of Stibbe
Brussels, Belgium
Contacts: Jeffrey Holt, FRANCE:
Sebastian Kühl, GERMANY:
Jan Peeters, BELGIUM:
Bart Kasteleijn, HOLLAND:


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Language: English

The topic of the conference will focus on the new special international commercial courts being envisioned to be created and/or soon to be in operation in several European countries for multiple reasons including but not limited to as a response to Brexit.

France, Belgium, Holland and Germany are the main European countries involved. Singapore already has this type of international court in full operation with Singaporean and foreign judges.

Speakers from all of these jurisdictions will discuss the particulars of such courts in their respective jurisdictions and compare their respective practices.

There will be as well a presentation to be made by the Chairman of the Host Committee for the 2019 IPBA Annual Conference to be held in Singapore.


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