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Latin American Arbitration Day

Date: June 19, 2019 Madrid

Venue: Madrid

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This event is a joint event with the Club Español del Arbitraje and features a seminar on arbitration with a Latin American and Asian component.

Club Español del Arbitraje, CEA ( is a Spanish arbitration association founded in 2005 by a number of professionals specialised in arbitration, and currently with over 1.000 members in 40 different countries. Membership is open to all arbitration practitioners in the field of international arbitration who share its goals, regardless of their country of origin. One of the CEA´s main goals is to promote arbitration in Spanish and Portuguese or with to Latin America component.

Participants will learn about the arbitration practice in Latin America and Asia. Also, participants will learn of the ground-breaking Spanish Arbitration Act and the favourable economic and legal framework which make Spain a very attractive centre for international arbitration. Spain will be presented as a potential premier venue for arbitration for all Latin American matters, including the resolution of disputes over investments  from Asia.

The Seminar will also introduce the Unified Arbitration Court of Spain - at present in the process of consolidation - and the report from the “Commission to promote Spain as a seat for international arbitration”. 

Conference Schedule:

 9:30 Opening ceremony


Latin America vs. Asia: What the Latin American arbitration practice ask/demands
11:30    Coffee Break
12.00 Second session: Asia vs. Latin America: What the Asian arbitration practice can offer: Pragmatic perspectives from arbitrators and counsel from Asian civil and common law jurisdictions
13:30 Lunch: “Pinchos and Tapas”
15:00 Presentation of the “Spanish Unified Arbitration Court”.
Presentation of “Commission to promote Spain as a seat for international arbitration”
16:00 Coffee Break

Spain as a venue for international arbitration

18:00 Closing remarks

Language: English with simultaneous translation into Spanish

Registration fee: To be announced