About Us

Goals of the IPBA

The Association, based on those purposes, has set out more detailed goals as follows. The Association will have:

An annual meeting and conference that provides:

  • an opportunity to get together with lawyers from each IPBA jurisdiction in the Region and each law office in the region that is engaged in a cross-border practice;
  • programs that discuss legal and related business issues that involve the Region;
  • enjoyable social, cultural and sport events that promote friendship and camaraderie among the members.

A quarterly publication that:

  • provides timely information on legal developments throughout the Region;
  • features in-depth analytical articles on legal developments of interest to practitioners;
  • reports on the IPBA and its past and future activities.

Committees that:

  • are acknowledged to be the Regional leaders in their substantive areas;
  • present one or more programs at the annual conference;
  • present (or cooperate in the presentation of) Regional Conferences and seminars sponsored by the IPBA;
  • share information by submitting reports on recent legal developments to the IPBA quarterly publications;
  • provide opportunities to IPBA members to contribute to the development of the law and the legal structures within the Region;
  • provide opportunities to contribute to the development of the legal profession in the Region.

In addition:

  • hold conferences and seminars on topics of current interest to practitioners in the Region;
  • provide an annual membership directory;
  • be an organization that is financially secure, efficient and representative of business and commercial lawyers in the Region.