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Issue #50, July 2018




Issue #50 July 2018

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29th IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference in Singapore 2019
IPBA Events 2018 • IPBA-Supported Events 2018

Dear [[first_name]] [[last_name]] Esq.,
Thank you from all of us in Japan for your concern during the recent typhoons that caused landslides and flooding in the western part of Japan. We appreciate your kind thoughts!
As a topic of non-controversial conversation, the weather is usually safe to bring up even in this opening to the Eye on IPBA. However, as we recently bid a dear member to take care in the summer heat, we were reminded---again---that it is now winter in one half of the world. Color us "hemispherically insensitive".
Statistically speaking, 90% of the world's population lives north of the equator, and because the Secretariat is located at 35.662028° North, we comment from our perspective. Interestingly enough, 91% of IPBA's 1426 members live north of the equator while 9% live in the southern hemisphere, so we are on track for the right percentage of membership in both hemispheres. You can be sure that we are committed to 100% of our members: each of you is important to us, no matter where you are!
Please note that the IPBA 2nd Mekong Regional Forum that was scheduled for August 25th has been postponed until early 2019. We will report more details as they are finalized. We apologize for any inconvenience caused!

IPBA Membership News

  • The September issue of the IPBA Journal is being put together now! The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 16th for articles and members' notes. Articles pertaining to this issue's theme of Arbitration are welcome. For Members' Notes: Have you been promoted? Switched firms? Published a book? Been given an award? Let other IPBA know!
  • All IPBA members have access to the ILO Lexology Newsstand, sent to your e-mail boxes every few days. The content can be adjusted based on your practice area or topics of interest, as well as your preferred jurisdictions. You can also contribute to the Newsstand with articles or news. Contact the IPBA Secretariat if you'd like to receive the Newsstand!

IPBA Committee News

The IPBA Committee Chairs are actively compiling candidates to be nominated as Vice-Chairs of their respective committees, or for Chair if their term is ending. If you would like to be considered to take one of the leadership positions, contact the leaders of the committee in which you are interested. You can find all contact information on the IPBA web site.

IPBA Leadership Activities

Jose Cochingyan, our Programs Coordinator, recently attended the IPBA Regional Seminar in Sydney: "The World at Your Doorstep". See the report below for details.

We could not clone our Past President, Denis McNamara, and we are still unsuccessful in our attempts to clone current President Perry Pe, so other IPBA Officers and Council Members have kindly agreed to represent the IPBA at various events coming up.

This week, IPBA Regional Coordinator for Australasia and the Southern Pacific Islands, Neil Russ, and IPBA Past President Jim FitzSimons will represent the association at the POLA (Presidents of Law Associations in Asia) Conference in Canberra, Australia.

The original Perry is on his way to Chicago to attend the ABA Conference this week, and then will travel to Brussels August 29th through September 1st for the International Young Lawyers' Congress by AIJA. On Tuesday, August 29th, Perry will be available to meet potential members and entice them to join the IPBA.

IPBA Past President Jim FitzSimons and Program Coordinator Jose Cochingyan flank a guest at an IPBA event in Sydney.

The IPBA Secretariat will also be represented at the AIJA Congress by Rhonda Lundin, who will take part in a panel at the Pre-Congress Seminar on August 28th, introducing the IPBA to potential members. She will support Perry at the above-mentioned lunch, and will stay through the 30th to attend the Congress. Both Perry and Rhonda hope to meet and see as many people as possible while there, so if you happen to be in Brussels please let us know!


IPBA Regional Event Report

On 19 July 2018, the IPBA held an Inaugural Regional Event in Sydney, Australia entitled “The World at Your Doorstep“.  The Event was hosted at the College of Law’s Sydney offices, following the signing in November 2017 by the College and the IPBA of an MOU to develop new courses for their respective students and members. 

The Event focussed on the Australasian legal and tax issues facing foreign investors from the Asia-Pacific who wish to invest and operate in Australia and New Zealand.

The Event Co-Chairs, Michael Butler (Finlaysons) (IPBA Jurisdictional Council Member, Australia) and Roger Saxton (Connor & Co.) (IPBA Senior Advisor, Australia) introduced a highly-qualified panel of speakers, who spoke knowledgeably to an enthusiastic and interactive audience of approximately 30 attendees.

Ben Smith (Minter Ellison) shared his recent experiences with the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and discussed the regulatory issues for North Asian investors in Australia; Jim FitzSimons (Bird & Bird) provided an engaging overview of cryptocurrencies and a number of issues that need to be considered with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs); Jessica Pengelly (Finlaysons) succinctly summarized a number of recent tax developments for foreign investors in Australian real property; and Jai Nario (Chapman Tripp) explained comprehensively the issues facing Australians who decide to invest “across the ditch” in New Zealand.

Jose Cochingyan III (IPBA Program Co-ordinator) very generously travelled from the Philippines to Australia to support the Event and to promote the IPBA Annual Conference in Singapore in April 2019.

The Event was followed by networking drinks, which continued the IPBA tradition of conviviality and fellowship in law, and will hopefully be the first of a number of similar events in Australia and New Zealand in the next few years.

29th IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference
in Singapore
April 25-27, 2019

Technology, Business and Law - Global Perspectives

266 days until the Conference!

Today is the last day to take advantage of the Early Bird rate!

IPBA Events 2018

August 25 IPBA 2nd Mekong Regional Forum: POSTPONED UNTIL EARLY 2019 Yangon, Myanmar
September 20 Doing Business with Asia: Development in Trade, IP, Investment and Dispute Settlement Los Angeles, USA
September 28 LatAm Legal Views on Investment, Trade, Compliance & International Dispute Resolution Santiago, Chile
November 2-4 IPBA Mid-Year Council Meeting
(IPBA Council Members only)
Chiang Mai, Thailand
November 5-6 4th IPBA Arbitration Day Bangkok, Thailand
November 7 IPBA 4th East Asia Regional Forum Seoul, Korea
November 22 IPBA European Regional Conference: International Commercial Courts in Various European Jurisdictions & in Singapore Brussels, Belgium
January 24, 2019 IPBA Mid-East Regional Forum Dubai
February 28-March 1, 2019 Asia M&A Forum 2019 Hong Kong

IPBA-Supported Events 2018

August 22 ALB Japan IP Forum Tokyo, Japan
August 29-September 1 56th International Young Lawyers' Congress by AIJA Brussels, Belgium
September 6

Wolters Kluwer's Japan: 5th Annual International Arbitration, Compliance and Competition Law Summit

Tokyo, Japan
September 6 IFLR's India M&A Forum 2018 Mumbai, India
September 17 Wolters Kluwer's 5th Annual International & Regulatory Summit Istanbul, Turkey
October 25 ALB Japan Corporate Compliance Forum Tokyo, Japan

More details can be found on the IPBA web site!

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