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Issue #46 March 2018




Issue #46 March 2018

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28th IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference in Manila 2018 • 29th IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference in Singapore 2019
IPBA Events 2018 • IPBA-Supported Events 2018

Dear [[first_name]] [[last_name]] Esq.,
Forward, March!
The IPBA is marching ahead into April hot off the heels of our 28th Annual Meeting and Conference in Manila. The conference organizer was inundated with almost 200 last-minute registrations in the days just prior to the conference, and even up to the final day. The total number of delegates reached over 1,000! Whoo hoo! This year a new schedule was used, with all events packed into three days instead of four, but the same number of concurrent sessions and social events as previous years were offered. Many of the session rooms were full, and this was the first time the IPBA tracked attendance electronically to help us better determine which sessions were the most relevant to international business lawyers. A synopsis of the sessions will be published in the June 2018 issue of the IPBA Journal.
Each year, one single aspect that makes the IPBA Annual Conference different from others stands out: there's a whole lotta hugging going on! It's the standard form of greeting for IPBA members, and it's not just an air-kiss-on-the-cheek-kind-of-greeting hug: it's a warm embrace that occurs between friends. It truly is heartwarming to see, and to experience!

Professional photos are not ready yet, but here are a few of the highlights from behind the scenes:
The IPBA Council holds various meetings prior to the Conference. Here, the Officers discuss matters under each of their areas of responsibility. The IPBA Membership Leaders (JCMs, At-Large Council Members, Regional Coordinators), also met to discuss activities in their jurisdictions and regions. The IPBA leaders met with several other association leaders, including the President of the Iranian Central Bar Association.
Delegates who attended will soon receive an e-mail from the conference organizer with a link to the conference photos and a certificate of attendance. We will also post photos on the IPBA web site. With the Conference behind us, we can now look forward to a full year of IPBA events in several jurisdictions throughout the globe; details can be found in the listing below. And, of course, we anticipate another great Annual Conference in Singapore in 2019!

IPBA Membership News

  • March 31st is the last official day to pay your membership dues for 2018! Keep your membership going throughout this year in order to take advantage of special discounted rates for our next Annual Meeting and Conference in Singapore as well as other IPBA regional events and IPBA-supported conferences and seminars. More details on all of these exciting events can be found below.
  • Membership data for the printed Membership Directory will be prepared soon! Contact information for everyone who is a member between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018 will be listed, so be sure to check your contact information in your profile on the IPBA web site to make sure it's current.
IPBA Membership Committee Chair Anne Durez's term has come to an end, but her legacy continues in the Ad Hoc Next Generation Committee, for lawyers 40 years of age and under. As Chair of the committee, she will continue to support this important group of members. The new members on stage with Anne and the current Membership Committee Chair, Tatsu Nakayama, at the "New Members and IPBA Scholars Reception" in Manila are evidence of the changing face of the IPBA. Don't let Tatsu's white suit and flashy shirt fool you: he is quite serious about the IPBA and he promises to continue Anne's legacy. And, he promises to fulfil his duties as the CEO: Chief Entertainment Officer.

IPBA Committee News

Corey Norton
Membership Committee Vice-Chair

Meet your new and returning IPBA committee leadership! Several new committee chairs and vice-chairs were appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Manila, while several others continue their service. Your committees all also had designated times at the meeting to plan for activities over the coming year and for panels to offer at the 2019 Annual Conference in Singapore. Contact your committee leaders for details on how to get involved in the planning, as well as how to share updates in this newsletter about legal developments in your jurisdiction that are relevant to your committee. Committee leaders, and information about each committee, can be found on the IPBA web site.

Committee chairs and co-chairs meet the day before the conference to discuss the upcoming programs, as well as plan for the year ahead. Program Coordinator Jose Cochingyan and Deputy Program Coordinator Shin Jae Kim are driving the programs.

Some of the committee leadership changed at the end of the conference, so those chairs and co-chairs whose terms just began were also invited to take part in the meeting. Masafumi Kodama's term as Committee Coordinator ended at Manila; Nini Halim escalted to that position and Jonathan Warne is now Deputy. They are in charge of the committees' structure and making sure they are healthy.

If you are interested in becoming part of the IPBA committee leadership, contact the relevant Committee Chair soon! Candidates to be nominated for Committee Chair, Co-Chair, and Vice-Chair positions will be considered over the summer.

IPBA Leadership Activities

A changing of the guard took place at the Annual General Meeting in Manila on March 16th, when Denis McNamara's term as President ended and Perry Pe's term as President began. Although Perry "stole" one month from Denis' term by holding the Manila Conference in March instead of April, Denis accomplished a lot during his 11 months: he represented the IPBA at various events around the world; signed an MOU with the Japan Federation of Bar Associations; signed an extension to our MOU with AIJA; and helped to establish a co-branded LLM program with the College of Law. Perry already has plans to attend the ABA Annual Conference and an event in St. Petersburg, and there is surely more to come to keep him busy.

Francis Xavier moved up from Vice-President to President-Elect, with planning for the upcoming 2019 Annual Meeting and Conference in Singapore already full swing. IPBA members also ratified the nomination of Vice-President Jack Li, who will soon start planning for the 2020 Annual Meeting and Conference in Shanghai.

Perry Pe
Francis Xavier
Jack Li

You can find a list of all current Officers, Jurisdictional Council Members, At-Large Council Members, Regional Coordinators, and Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs on the IPBA web site!

29th IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference
in Singapore
April 25-27, 2019

Technology, Business and Law - Global Perspectives

This is the third IPBA Annual Meeting Conference in Singapore! Others were held there in 1994 and 2010.

  • Registration is open! Register by July 31st to get the cheapest Early Bird rate. Or should we say, "cheep" Early Bird rate?
  • Register online at: https://ipba2019.org/
  • IPBA President-Elect and Host Committee Chair, Francis Xavier, has already signed up (left), with Mohan Pillay and Kirindeep Singh not far behind.

The Singapore Conference will be held at the Raffles Convention Centre. Hotels include the Fairmont, Swisshôtel The Stamford, the Carlton and, of course, Raffles.

IPBA Events 2018

July 19 The World at Your Doorstep
IPBA Australian-New Zealand Regional Forum
Sydney, Australia
August 25 IPBA 2nd Indochina Regional Forum Yangon, Myanmar
September 20 Doing Business with Asia: Development in Trade, IP, Investment and Dispute Settlement Los Angeles, USA
September 28 LatAm Legal Views on Investment, Trade, Compliance & International Dispute Resolution Santiago, Chile
November 2-4 IPBA Mid-Year Council Meeting
(IPBA Council Members only)
Chiang Mai, Thailand
November 5 4th IPBA Arbitration Day Bangkok, Thailand
November 7 IPBA 4th East Asia Regional Forum Seoul, Korea
November 22 IPBA European Regional Conference: International Commercial Courts in Various European Jurisdictions & in Singapore Brussels, Belgium
January 24, 2019 IPBA Mid-East Regional Forum Dubai
February 28-March 1, 2019 Asia M&A Forum 2019 Hong Kong

IPBA-Supported Events 2018

April 18

Wolters Kluwer's China: 3rd Annual International Arbitration, Compliance and Competition Law Summit - Shanghai

Shanghai, China
May 15-19 St. Petersburg International Legal Forum
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Use the promo code: IPBA 2018
St. Petersburg, Russia
May 22 ALB Japan Project Finance Conference Tokyo, Japan
June 13 ALB Japan Law Awards Tokyo, Japan
August 22 ALB Japan IP Forum Tokyo, Japan
September 6

Wolters Kluwer's Japan: 5th Annual International Arbitration, Compliance and Competition Law Summit

Tokyo, Japan
October 25 ALB Japan Corporate Compliance Forum Tokyo, Japan

More details can be found on the IPBA web site!

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