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Issue #40 September 2017




Issue #40 September 2017

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28th IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference in Manila 2018  
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Dear [[first_name]] [[last_name]] Esq.,

It's hard to believe that this is already the 40th issue of Eye on IPBA! None of us has aged a bit during that time: the IPBA is still active and fit and we have at least another 40 issues left in us!
There are three exciting events coming up this November, including the very first IPBA Regional Conference to be held in Vietnam! The IPBA had a Mid-Year Council Meeting in Hanoi in 2011, after the planned 2008 Mid-Year Meeting there was flooded out, but we were unsuccessful in arranging a conference that time. Now, we have an enthusiastic Jurisdictional Council Member for Vietnam, Net Le of LNT & Partners, Ho Chi Minh. Although he just became the JCM in April, he has hit the ground running, and already organized a fantastic conference in Ho Chi Minh to coincide with the APEC meeting in Danang. Check out the details of all events below.

IPBA Membership News

  • Some of our very enthusiastic members have already inquired about paying their membership dues for 2018. While dues payments are indeed accepted now, soon the Secretariat will start issuing out reminders for 2018 to those whose membership expires at the end of 2017. If you have any questions about your membership status, contact the IPBA Secretariat.
  • The IPBA Publications Committee is now accepting articles and Members' Notes for the IPBA Journal December 2017 issue. The September issue was heavy with articles from India, so the gauntlet is thrown down to other jurisdictions to step up and contribute! Which jurisdiction will submit the most articles for the December issue? All articles published this year are also eligible for the "IPBA Best Article" competition, which will be held in place of the "IPBA Best Paper Prize" competition held at the annual conference. The winner of the "IPBA Best Article" prize will be announced at the Annual Conference in Manila. Members' Notes are also needed! Have you changed firms? Did you receive an award? Did you win a big case? Let us know!
  • IPBA members can enjoy exclusive services from our media partners. One of these is the Lexology Newsstand, which comes directly to your e-mail account and is tailored for each individual's needs. if you are not receiving the newsstand but would like to, contact the IPBA Secretariat. 

IPBA Committee News

This month we have interesting updates on employment insurance in Malaysia and trade in Australia and Canada.

Employment & Immigration– Frédérique David (France) – Chair

From Siva Kumar Kanagasabai – Malaysia

The Government has proposed that Employment Insurance System Bill 2017 be presented to Parliament in October 2017.  The Bill is intended to create an insurance scheme which will provide certain benefits and a re-employment placement programme for insured persons in the event of loss of employment. The Employment Insurance System will be administered by the Social Security Organisation and employers will have to register their industry as well as register and insure all employees except for certain exempt categories such as those over 60 years of age, casual employees and government/statutory body employees. Both employers and employees will be required to make mandatory contributions of an equal amount as set out in the Bill with the latest proposal being 0.2% of wages. The insurance scheme is aimed to cover employees who have lost employment for reasons such as redundancy or a voluntary separation scheme. Amongst the benefits provided under the proposed insurance scheme include job search allowance, early re-employment allowance, reduced income allowance, and the provision of training and training allowance.

International Trade – Jesse Goldman (Canada), Corey Norton (United States) – Co-Chairs

From Brett Williams – Australia

On 1 September 2017, Indonesia issued a request to Australia for consultations under the WTO Dispute Settlement system regarding the Australian authorities’ determination of normal value in an investigation regarding A4 copy paper.  The allegations are, first, that Australia breached Article 2.2 of the WTO Anti-dumping Agreement because the Australian authorities departed from using domestic prices for normal value because they wrongly found that there was a market situation which did not permit a proper comparison between domestic prices and export prices; and secondly, that Australia breached Article of the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement because in using a constructed cost method to determine normal value,  the Australian authorities wrongfully departed from using the information in the records of the exporter.  China and the United States have requested that they be permitted to participate in the consultations.  See WTO Dispute No WT/DS529.

The Australian Parliament Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade” is conducting an inquiry into whether Australia should establish a modern slavery Act.  The terms of reference include the question of whether any legislation ought to require Australian businesses to review their supply chains. See http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Joint/Foreign_Affairs_Defence_and_Trade/ModernSlavery

From Roy Millen – Canada

The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) came into force on a provisional basis on September 21, 2017.


  • dramatically reduces tariffs on goods traded between Canada and the EU;
  • expands import quotas for supply-managed industries like dairy; and
  • expands the opportunities for companies in both the EU and Canada to bid on government procurements in the other jurisdiction.

CETA is expected to have significant positive trade benefits for both Canadian and EU-based businesses.

Recent political statements have also indicated that Canada and Britain may negotiate a similar arrangement following Britain’s exit from the EU.

IPBA Leadership Activities

IPBA President Denis McNamara is keeping busy!

Denis recently represented the IPBA at the LAWASIA Conference in Tokyo, meeting with leaders of Lawasia, other associations, and many of our own IPBA members in attendance.

While in Tokyo, he and past IPBA Officers from Japan got together with the President and other officers of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, where they two Presidents signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Present on the IPBA side were Shiro Kuniya; Miyuki Ishiguro; Hiroe Toyoshima (instrumental in setting up the agreement); Shigehiko Ishimoto; and Eriko Hayashi.

Denis will travel to Sydney in October and liaise with members there regarding IPBA business, and attend the IPBA Networking Event the College of Law Australia and New Zealand on October 10th. Click HERE for more information on that event, which is open to all.

28th IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference in 
Manila, Philippines
March 14-16, 2018

Fostering Seamless Cooperation in ASEAN and Beyond

Only 164 days until the Conference!

IPBA Local and Regional Events 2017

October 10

IPBA Networking Event

Join the IPBA at the College of Law for drinks, food, and scintillating conversation! If you are in Sydney for the IBA Conference or any other reason, please be sure to drop by.

Sydney, Australia
Nov 4
Date change!

Investment in the Emerging Markets - the APEC Perspective

This is the first-ever IPBA event to be held in Vietnam. speakers will evaluate prospects and analyze the current issues related to trade and investment cooperation in the APEC region, discuss developments in outbound investment from major APEC economies to emerging markets, compare pros and cons on arbitration and dispute settlement in different arbitration forums, and more.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Venue change!
Nov 13

Forces of Change: Modernisation and a Shifting International Landscape (English and Asian Perspectives on How Legal Systems Adapt)

The central focus will be on highlighting important and relevant developments in litigation and arbitration, discussing lessons on modernisation that legal systems in the UK and the Inter-Pacific Region can learn from each other, and the impact that political change is having on the international landscape. This will include a fascinating discussion relating to China's Belt & Road initiative.

London, England


3rd IPBA East Asia Forum Seoul, Korea

IPBA-Supported Events 2017

October 6 ALB Philippine Law Awards Manila, Philippines
October 18 ALB's "Japan Corporate Compliance and Governance Forum" Tokyo, Japan
October 19-20 marcusevans' "IP Law Asia Summit" Tokyo, Japan
October 26-27 Duxes' 10th China Anti-Corruption Compliance Summit Shanghai, China

Check the IPBA web site for details! IPBA members can enjoy discounted registration rates at most events.

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