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Eye on IPBA Issue #10, March 2015



Issue #10 March 2015

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Dear Members,

Hello from the IPBA!

Just a little over a month remains until our 25th Annual Meeting and Conference in Hong Kong. A huge variety of activities is packed into the 4-day conference, from the opening day golf tournament to lunch after the Annual General Meeting, there is sure NOT to be a dull moment. There is even more golf to be played the day after! Read on below for some more highlights of the conference.

IPBA is busy with other matters as well: Our membership renewal period is ending, and we are wrapping up renewals received. We are still working on improving the web site, and welcome any comments you have about it. The March issue of the IPBA Journal is being published as we speak, so watch for it in your mailbox soon.

If there is any particular news about the IPBA that you would like to see in this e-newsletter, don't hesitate to contact the IPBA Secretariat.

IPBA Membership News

Thank you to those of you who have already paid your dues for 2015! Today (March 31st) is the final deadline for renewals for the 2015 membership year.

Did you know?
The official IPBA membership year is January 1st to December 31st. Toward the end of each year the Secretariat sends reminders to pay dues for the following year. Payments are accepted up until March 31st of the renewal year in order to accommodate those whose firms do not release their budgets until after January 1st.

March 31st is also the cutoff deadline for information to be included in the printed version of the IPBA Membership Directory.

If you have questions about your membership, please do not hesitate to contact the IPBA Secretariat.

25th Annual IPBA General Meeting and Conference in Hong Kong

It's just around the corner! Have you registered yet? Today (March 31st) is the last day for the Early Bird rate! Here are some highlights to note:

  • Be sure to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 9th, 10:30-12:00. This is a great chance to get your voice heard by the Officers and other attending members! The Officers will report on activities in the past year, Council members are elected or approved to take positions from the end of the conference, and the Best Paper Prize winner will be announced. This year's AGM is a historical one, as IPBA members will be asked to approve IPBA's incorporation.
  • Don't forget about the Best Paper Prize! Papers must be submitted by the deadline of April 10th. Winners will be awarded a certificate at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Ten lawyers from around the world have been chosen to attend the conference as part of the IPBA Scholarship Program. This highly competitive program attracts numerous applicants, yet only a few can be chosen each year. Watch for more information on this year's Scholars in the next Eye on IPBA!

IPBA Hong Kong Promotion Tour

IPBA President-Elect Huen Wong and members of the host committee have been busy traveling the globe to promote the Annual Conference in Hong Kong. In New Dehli, hosted by Lalit Bhasin and Dhruv Wahi, he spoke at a local seminar entitled "Role of Professionals in Promoting Economic Cooperation Among Countries. In Seoul the topic was "Legal Ethics for Young Lawyers" at the Korean Bar Association. Membership Committee Chair Yong-Jae Chang and JCM for Korea Chang-Rok Woo were instrumental in organizing the event in Seoul. Some photos are posted in the Media Gallery of the IPBA web site.

Global Law Summit, London

February 23-25, Membership Committee Vice-Chair Anne Durez represented the IPBA at the Global Law Conference upon the invitation of the Law Society of England and Wales. Coincidentally, she ran into the IPBA Membership Committee Chair, Yong-Jae Chang! They are pictured at left with one of the other delegates. The event celebrated 800 years since Magna Carta, and welcomed world leaders who discussed the future of law and business.

IPBA Web Site: Your Profile

You can now find your IPBA Membership Number on your own profile on the IPBA web site! For privacy protection, your ID number can not be viewed by anyone else. Log in to the Member Only section and go to "My Profile"; the membership ID is located in the upper left corner near your photo, and has four digits followed by a hyphen, two letters, and four digits (like this: 0000-AA0000). Now you no longer have to ask the Secretariat for your membership number! Find it any time without worrying about the time difference, too.

Take a moment now to make sure your contact information is updated! As noted above, the printed version of the IPBA Membership Directory will use information updated until March 31st.

Other news: