Brazil 2014

From September 24 through September 30, 2014, the Mid-Year Council Meeting and Regional Conferences were held in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Council members took in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Brazil during the "down" time, and many came earlier or stayed on after the business events to enjoy what Brazil has to offer.

Each year the IPBA Council meets in the spring in the days just prior to the Annual Meeting and Conference, and in the fall for the Mid-Year Council Meeting and Regional Conference. The IPBA Council Meetings consist of:

  • Nominating Committee Meeting
  • Officers Meeting
  • Membership Meeting (JCMs, At-Large Council Members, Regional Coordinators)
  • Committee Chairs and Programs Meeting
  • Council Meeting

Decisions made at this meeting in Brazil include the following:

  • The Council agreed to set aside CA$50,000 from the surplus of the Annual Meeting and Conference in Vancouver for the IPBA Scholarship Program. This will supplement the Japan Fund that is used to support the Scholars now.
  • The nominees for Officer and Council positions were approved by the Council. The next step is to present the nominees for ratification at the Annual General Meeting in Hong Kong in May. An official notice will be sent out to all IPBA members in early 2015, but the nominees are:

    Vice President: Denis McNamara
    Deputy Secretary-General: Caroline Berube
    Deputy Program Coordinator: Jose Cochingyan III

    Jursidictional Council Members
    Australia: Bruce Lloyd (renewal of term)
    Canada: Robert Quon (renewal of term)
    Japan: Ryosuke Ito (renewal of term)
    Pakistan: Badaruddin Vellani (renewal of term)
    USA: Keith Phillips
    At-Large Council Members
    Latin America: Shin Jae Kim (renewal of term)
    Osaka: Hiroe Toyoshima (renewal of term)
    China: Yunchuan Jing (renewal of term)

    Regional Coordinator
    Asia Pacific: Michael Butler (renewal of term)
    Middle East: Richard Briggs (renewal of term)
  • The Constitution Review Committee was reformed in order to study the contents and make necessary amendments pertaining to the intended future incorporation of the IPBA and other issues as IPBA has changed throughout the years. Members are:

    Ravi Nath (Chair)
    Bill Scott (Vice-Chair)
    Alan Fujimoto (Member)
    Miyuki Ishiguro (Member)
    Caroline Berube (Member)
    Sumeet Kachwaya (Member)
    Yap Wai Ming (Member and Convenor)
    Kuniya Hamada (Advisor)
    Mark Shklov (Advisor)
  • A Steering Committee to make Guidelines for Arbitration Privilege was formed, with JCM for Singapore Francis Xavier leading it. The effort will be supported by council members from around the globe.

S�o Paulo

Rio de Janeiro