About Us

Purposes of the IPBA

The IPBA's purposes, as stated in its Constitution, are to:

  • Provide IPBA members with opportunities to:
    • contribute towards the development of the legal profession within the Asia-Pacific Region and the development and improvement of the legal profession's status and organization within the Region;
    • contribute towards the development of the law and the legal structures within the Region;
    • meet and exchange ideas with other lawyers who live in, or are interested in, the Region;
    • study and discuss legal issues that involve the Region; and
    • share information about legal developments affecting the Region.
  • Serve its members fairly and equitably.
  • Promote the rule of law.

The IPBA Constitution also explicitly states that the IPBA is a non-political organization and, as such, shall not entertain any matter or proposal of any nature which is political in nature.